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Hongda Hi-tech Group Co., Ltd. (known as Hongda), a hi-tech enterprise and a leading software company within the state planning layout, integrates information technology and biometric identification technology. Founded in 1988, Hongda is headquartered at No. 1518, Huoju Road, Changchun Hi-tech Development Zone, Changchun, China. It has fixed assets of 500 million Chinese Yuan and more than 600 employees. It has set up subsidiaries including Changchun Hongda Information Science & Technology Co., Ltd., and Hongda Opto-electron Co., Ltd., branches in majoy cities of China, Taiwan, Indonesia, and San Francisco, USA, Hamburg, Germany. Hongda has exported its products for over 65 countries and regions in USA, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

Its core products and services include: development and sale of large-scale application software, system integration and related technical services, the development, production and marketing of biometric products, the formation of related management system solutions and technological services. In face of increasingly competitive environment, as a leader in IT and biometric identification industry, Hongda carries forward an innovative, passionate and harmonious corporate spirit; under the brand idea of  "Serving Human Beings by Technologies" and by right of its rigorous, pragmatic, cooperative and efficient work style, Hongda is in the leading position in the involved area.

In 1986, Hongda successfully developed China's first set of population information management system which was approved by the Ministry of Public Security. The development of this system filled the gaps in China's population computer management, which caused a revolution in the population management means of the public security authorities, and initiated the computerized management of population information. So far, the "Hongda Public Security Comprehensive Population Information Management System" has come into the eighth edition, and is operating successfully in nearly 20,000 organizations in more than 200 cities of 25 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions including Beijing, occupying more than 70% of the market share among similar products.

Since 1996, Hongda biometric identification products have played a leading role in biometric identification, especially the fingerprint identification technology. As one of the first suppliers of automated fingerprint identification system, Hongda is a formulator and drafter of the technical standards for the quality of fingerprint locks in China, a director member of the Association of Criminal Science and Technology of China, and member of China National Hardware Association. With the largest production base of fingerprint products in China, Hongda is currently the only specialized manufacturer of fingerprint card locks with large-scale production capacity.

After years of development, Hongda has formed high-quality research and management teams composed of doctoral supervisors, professors, PhDs and MSs. In 2001, under the approval of the Administration Commission of the National Postdoctoral Work Stations under the State Ministry of Personnel, Hongda set up a “post-doctoral research station”. Hongda invests a fixed sum of funds in research each year, to ensure the world leading position of scientific research. It has obtained more than eighty national patent certificates and computer software copyrights, A-grade qualification for computer system integration and A-grade Qualification for Computer Information System Integration involving state secrets; all products developed and produced by Hongda, with complete independent intellectual property rights, have passed the certifications of ISO9001, CE, UL, FCC and FBI, and the three-level assessment of international software Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI), which allows Hongda to be integrated with the international advanced management mode.

Guided by market, Hongda, by strong scientific research, management teams and first-class production equipment, Hongda accurately feels the pulse of the cutting-edge sciences and technologies, continuously develops large scale software of population information management systems in line with international and domestic requirements of public security, and produces internationally advanced biometric identification technology products with market prospects, so as to meet the demands of customers worldwide. At present, Hongda has undertaken more than a dozen of large-scale domestic software and hardware projects, and Indonesian and Laos’ governmental projects, including two state-level Torch Program projects and four national key software engineering projects; in addition, we have formed strategic partnerships with SUN, HP, IBM, Microsoft and other companies.

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