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First, Corporate Logo

The basic recognition elements of “Hongda” include: “Hongda” corporate symbol, trademark in both English and Chinese fonts and standard colors. (As shown in the figure)

The elements in the design of Hongda logo are derived from the initials “HD” of the English name “Hong Da”, which are varied in forms to achieve the final design and have the hi-tech company features.

The integration of sharp corners and smooth arc conveys the idea that the company keeps pursuing hi-tech development, while the blue color symbolizes the solid strength and steady development of the company, as well as the concepts of pursuing high quality, high taste and excellence.

Our color: dreamy blue, committing gray

Second, Corporate Culture Overview

The corporate culture is the values universally recognized and observed by all employees.

Hongda is committed to providing real values for the company’s stakeholders including our customers, dealers, shareholders, employees and the regions they are located in.

Vision: To improve the quality of human life; to enhance the safety of people’s life.

Mission: Our mission is to establish and continuously improve the company’s leading position worldwide in the scope of our existing core products and services or the new products that we choose to compete.

Hongda’s mission and corporate status require that Hongda should not participate in a certain industry in a general way, but possess competitiveness, influence, control power and market share in the main businesses that we enter. Each business unit and each project should be carried out with determinations and plans to take the leading position in the industry and our main businesses, thus to grow constantly and achieve the leading role in the businesses by searching for effective business models.

Core values:the values we will uphold to complete such a mission.

Hongda Philosophy
Work Motto

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